Gigi van Grevenbroek

Gigi van Grevenbroek
Illustrator and muralist


  • Illustration
Gigi van Grevenbroek


Gigi van Grevenbroek makes the world more accessible with her illustrations. As an illustrator, she works from her studio in Pakhuis Wilhelmina in Amsterdam on projects for clients and runs her webshop. She works for brands like Rijksmuseum, BMW-Mini, World Wildlife Fund and Festival Mysterland. She creates murals, window drawings and illustrations for editorials, posters, online and products.

Gigi’s work is colorful and great for a wide audience. Behind every work you can find an important message that makes the viewer more aware of different topics. She gets inspired by her Indonesian roots and equal human rights. With sometimes a cute cat in the illustration. Also sustainability and clear communication is incredibly important during her projects.

Driving Dutch Design is the professionalization and network program of ABN AMRO, Beroepsorganisatie voor Nederlandse Ontwerpers (BNO), Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) and Stokroos Foundation that helps designers on their way in the world of creative entrepreneurship. Gigi van Grevenbroek is one of them.