Studio Nina van Bart

Nina van Bart
Set & Surface Design


  • Material
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  • Spatial Design
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Studio Nina van Bart

Colour, texture and materials intensifies the experience of our environment


The design practice of Nina van Bart is dedicated to increased sensorial experiences of space, shape and surface. By rethinking the arrangements of our environment or the outlook and feel of their components, Nina van Bart creates unexpected encounters with what surrounds us. As such, she aims to change the physical and emotional interactions between people and their settings, led by texture, colour and motion. She works in the field of art direction and set- and surface design.


Physical and digital symbiosis

Surface and set designer Nina van Bart and Neo Design Collective will present their latest project as part of the ‘New Crafts’ exhibition of Crafts Council. At this exhibition Nina van Bart will show her ‘Tactile Totem in ceramic’ and a series of ‘Tactile tiles’ in which digital technologies where used to enrich ceramic crafts. This project is realized in a collective collaboration of Neo Design Collective with procedural designer Roel Deden, ceramic and product designer, Marieke van Heesbeen, and 3D print company Marketiger.

On Show

  • Physical and digital symbiosis

    NEW CRAFTS exhibition by Crafts Council Nederland

    Microlab Hall , Strijp-S
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Dutch Design Week
Eindhoven, NL
22–30 October 2022