The Anderen

Karin Fischnaller
Information Design


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The Anderen
Zindzi Zwietering

Acting as interface and creating interfaces.


The Anderen connects researchers to curious minds.

There is so much information to explore and absorb in today’s world! As interface-builders, the Anderen builds a bridge by taking big, unwieldy chunks of raw information and converting it into digestible bites. Their work stretches the norms of standard digital interface design, playing with tension and subtlety to encourage free navigation and discovery of knowledge for the user.

The Anderen face each project with fresh eyes and choose based on the specific needs of the client what sort of approach to take, whether it be interviews, observational studies, experimentation, or context-mapping.

Within their work, they remain committed to visualising complexity and playing the role of facilitator in engaging people with the societally relevant topics of the day. The goal in their self-initiated work is to expose the paradoxes and hegemony that lie beyond the surface of contemporary issues in order to inform public debate, using our specialty to help make sense of today’s world to inform tomorrow’s.



Explore the history of navigating on digital platforms and how shrinking screen sizes have changed our way we absorb information online. Join The Anderen at DDW to become a drifter in digital information spaces.

Research kindly supported by Stimuleringsfonds.



Deepfakes as design tool in music videos

Deep Decisions? is a research-and-design project investigating the use of deepfake technology as a design tool in music videos. Often perceived as disruptive, deceitful, and harmful, how can deepfakes redefine themselves once employed as an artistic or practical means for music video production?

This is a collaborative project as KMworks, together with Miruna Dunu.

Read more here.

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  • Émbassy of Inclusive Society

    Graphic Design

    Van Abbemuseum, Centre
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Dutch Design Week
Eindhoven, NL
22–30 October 2022