The Prototype Factory

Tycho Litjens
I design new products for real humans, like you!


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The Prototype Factory

Are you reading this page while being distracted?


I bring ideas to life and test them in the real world. With real people. Like you and me!

I’m fascinated by the way people make decisions. I believe that the highest calling of design is to enable humans to make better choices for their well-being. My practice is based on collective idea generation, rapid prototyping and thorough user validation to quickly make valuable progress.

I initiate my own projects or support other start-ups to pragmatically design new products and services. I measure my success in a unique combination of subjective novelty and objective amount of happy users.


You’re invited to the premiere of Pomo at Dutch Design Week 2022

Important warning: Please stay focussed while reading this invite, and refrain from letting your brain get hijacked by Instagram, or another mindless Google search.

Distraction is unfair. You might blame your lack of discipline, but you shouldn’t. It’s the strength of the algorithms, it’s their power to lure you in their endless feeds. Your brain is being seduced to scroll infinitely through boring pictures, negative news and plenty of ads.

I’m working on a cure. I present to you Pomo. A physical timer that blocks distracting websites on your laptop. A tiny digital detox, a moment of focus, a work-from-home companion.

And you are invited. To test the device, share your feedback, and have a chat. I’ll be exhibiting in the Klokgebouw during Dutch Design Week.

Interested? You can schedule a 1:1 here, or send me a Whatsapp message here.

Ready, set, focus!