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Tonja Nederlof

Full of enthusiasm, Tonja is curious in helping brands to find their soul.


The world around us is constantly changing. It only takes one moment, that fast changes are made. This requires constant movement. Especially as an entrepreneur, brand, company or government. How do you continue to reach your target audience? Are the mediums you use for this still sufficient?

Tonja Nederlof is a curious creative who specialises in Branding, Identity & Storytelling. She helps brands get to their core so they can visualise their message clearly. With this, she gives direction to your company or project by building the bridge between communication and creative concepts.


For Dutch Design Week '22 she is collaborating with SKUA Studio. Every individual has something beautiful. They believe that everyone should be able and allowed to be themselves, completely. OWN YOUR OWN. To further spread this message, Tonja helped SKUA Studio to find the core of their brand. They are working together on the launch with a Fashion Film.

They give 6 characters the spotlight within this Fashion Film. Each with its own identity that stands for what they are (LBGBTQ+ friendly). They feel empowered by wearing SKUA Studio heels. Heels that are not part of the fast fashion industry. We produce high quality individual models and not in seasons! This is how they build a sustainable shoe collection.

Besides showing to a large audience, they want to achieve much more with this launch. They bring together everything we've done so far. Several makers are involved in developing this film. The models are real people who run into real social issues in their lives. They want to celebrate the power of this collective of beautiful people and collaborations through this fashion film.

On Show


Dutch Design Week
Eindhoven, NL
22–30 October 2022