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Dorine Baars, Jonas Martens
Radical change through thoughtful design


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verveeld � verward

Verveeld � Verward is a multidisciplinary creative studio at the intersection of art, design and urban development. We help transform mindset, place and system using long-term vision and solutions.



Verveeld � Verward was founded by Dorine Baars and Jonas Martens. Jonas has a background in product design engineering and sustainable business development. Aside from V�V he is currently working on climate adaptation strategies for the city of Rotterdam and as a design teacher for city planning and climate adaptation. With a background as an independent social and graphic designer, Dorine gives shape to vision, narrative and its form. Together, they take on projects on a local to global level from their studio in Vierhaven, Rotterdam.



Long-term results? There are plenty of examples. Building a cathedral can take generations. During that time, knowledge and skills are passed on and those involved learn from each other. Living bridges, made of roots or lianas, grow over time and get stronger and stronger. Medicines unbound from legal patents after several years may benefit all people in the future.

Design for Generations is an idea - an ideology - and is represented in an ever-growing archive of concepts and projects. It is time we learn from such designs and systems. We can overcome the problems of our time if we rethink and redesign our way of life, and set it up for the long term.


Niet Rotterdam is a new 5300 m2 piece of Rotterdam, on the Maas, in Limburg. This land offers Rotterdammers their own place at 30 meters above NAP when the sea level rises and Rotterdam is submerged under water. It mercilessly exposes the consequences of the climate crisis, making it tangible that change is needed now. Niet Rotterdam symbolises the urgency of a sustainable and inclusive society. In Niet Rotterdam, for example, every Rotterdammer is an equal shareholder of the land, which develops based on future-proof principles.

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Dutch Design Week
Eindhoven, NL
22–30 October 2022