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Floortje Bijvoet

As a designer I offer inspiring alternatives for products and processes aimed at connecting and reducing consumption.


Floortje Bijvoet designs products and concepts. With her designs she wants to surprise and give shape to a broader vision, in which she strives for connection and meaning instead of short-term purchase happiness.

She works from her studio in Amsterdam and is open to collaborations with people and companies with a good story.

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Floortje´s ideas often arise from the necessity to use residual material or to make products flexible or multifunctional.

The furniture designs Takkenbank and UTO give shape to a broader vision, in which she strives for connection and meaning, instead of short-term purchase happiness.


The Takkenbank is a circular and interactive outdoor bench built with pruned willow branches.

The idea for this design arose because Floortje's parents had two pollard willows in the garden. Pollard willows should be pruned every 2 to 4 years. After the trees were pruned, there was a large amount of 'pruning waste' in the garden. Floortje wanted to give this local material a new function. This is how the Takkenbank was born.

The branches are relatively soft material and will lose their vitality after being outdoors for a few years. When the top layer starts to become more brittle, it is time to prune and replace the branches.

The Takkenbank is in motion and makes the user part of a process.


UTO is a multifunctional and space-saving piece of furniture. In just seconds, UTO can be transformed into another piece of furniture. Hans Kazan said, "It's a kind of magic" (source: LinkedIn).

The concept has already received a lot of attention on social media. Floortje was tipped several times that look-a-likes of her design were in circulation. On the advice of 'the crowd' she started a crowdfunding and managed to protect her design. The protection procedure raised new questions for her: How inclusive and functional is this system?

Due to the many enthusiastic requests from DIYers and professional makers, the idea 'Designers x Makers' was born. Floortje Bijvoet wants to offer all makers the opportunity to make and/or sell their own UTO after purchasing one or more '1-piece licences'. With this, Floortje wants to investigate whether the manufacturing industry can become more inclusive, sustainable and fun. She also believes that when we choosing a product, we should be guided less by the design and more by the maker.

The first UTOs made within the 'Designers x Makers' project can be seen during Dutch Design Week.

If you are interested, come by!

On Show

  • Let´s build together! | Takkenbank + UTO

    Hall 10 (outside area), Sectie C
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Dutch Design Week
Eindhoven, NL
22–30 October 2022