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Studio Irene van Ophoven

Making statements with 'feature walls' and more...


Meet Irene van Ophoven, a passionate designer and stylist and founder of Studio Irene van Ophoven.

Studio Irene van Ophoven helps clients to stand out from the pack by providing a strong and distinctive look through creative direction and designing a signature for spaces.

The studio develops interior concepts and products, and creates large scale pattern designs for textiles, ‘feature walls’ and more. The life-size designs and patterns are characterized by their bold geometric style and their refined use of colours. Irene’s unique designs for interior applications such as wall-art panels, tapestries, wallpaper, rugs and cushions can give tactility and personal character to an interior and bring just that bit of excitement and uplifting touch which is so important in this time. Her ideas for surfaces and pattern designs often originate from experiment and research, with an increasing role for sustainability. The design statements created by Studio Irene van Ophoven can perfectly be seen in grand interiors of hotels, open lofts and office environments.

As an independent designer Irene works on self-initiated projects and regularly takes part in creative collaborations with interior brands and loves to teams up with interior architects for bespoke pieces with the right narrative, colours, materials and patterns.


The time we spend online every day makes the physical experience and expressiveness of a space even more important than before. With a strong graphic style that seeks a balance between the digital and the canvas of the 'real' actual world, Irene gives an interior character and a special flair.

In this new series made in a collaboration with MONDiLAB, Irene van Ophoven found the right combination of tactile crafts, art and digital techniques. With this series, Studio Irene van Ophoven gives an interpretation of the Bauhaus story; between applied art and design.

The presented works combine colours, shapes and graphic lines in a playful and individual manner. The development process was based on screen printing techniques and various colour and material experiments. The collection of Studio Irene van Ophoven on show at Dutch Design Week consists of framed velvet wall art, wool carpets and beautiful cushions for a complete arrangement of modern interiors.

A live talk will take place on Sunday, October 30th from 2 p.m. between Irving Vorster and Irene van Ophoven. Audience is welcome. This conversation can be watched later via the You Tube channel of 'Creatief Verdwalen'.

On Show

  • Living with patterns

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  • Creatief verdwalen

    Sunday, 30 October 14:00–15:00

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Dutch Design Week
Eindhoven, NL
22–30 October 2022