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Tjitske Storm Design

"I express stories through creating eye-catching surface designs"


Tjitske Storm works as a print, pattern and textile designer, primarily for interior design and related products. Her expressive style reflects a dynamic synergy of opposite worlds, visible in detailed photographic compositions and bold abstract illustrations, and the implementation of digital techniques and tactile crafts. Through exploring and interchanging contradictions she aims to signify both the unity and the diversity of life.


The Art of Living Together

Tjitske Storm presents her first signature collection ‘The Art of Living Together’ during Dutch Design Week. Four colourful tufted and woven tapestries are visually translating the natural phenomenon of symbiosis. The designs will be presented at the group exhibitions of Kazerne and Isola Design Gallery.

From digital designs to tactile tapestries

Tjitske translated inspiring examples of symbiotic relationships into four textile objects. The interaction between different species is emphasized through the correlation of the geometric and the organic, the abstract and the detailed, and the digital and the tactile. Dissimilar worlds that smoothly collide, interact and enforce each other.

Three designs are transformed into 3D reliefs and textile structures by the use of ancestral tufting techniques. These tapestries will be shown at the group exhibition of Isola at Pennings Gallery. For the production Tjitske collaborated with Spanish rug brand nanimarquina. The tapestries are handmade by their artisans in India with the utmost care. New Zealand Wool of the highest quality is used to create the durable and soft results, and yarns are coloured with natural chemical-free ingredients.

The fourth design of the collection is a woven tapestry and will be shown at the group exhibition of Kazerne. More than 100 digital images and photos are mixed and adjusted into a bursting composition of flowers, plants and birds, intermingling and blossoming in perfect harmony. For this tapestry Tjitske collaborated with EE Exclusives, who translated the design with great precision and eye for detail into a jacquard tapestry.

What is symbiosis?

Symbiosis is one of the major forces behind evolution where animals, plants, fungi and organisms cooperate to survive by the means of contributing to each other’s support. This close relationship between two dissimilar species often has a long history of interdependent co-evolution.

Tjitske's exhibitions at DDW are partly made possible through Stichting Stokroos and Pictoright Steunfonds.

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  • The Art of Living Together

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  • The Art of Living Together

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Dutch Design Week
Eindhoven, NL
22–30 October 2022