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Studio Sjoerd Geerts

Design by definition is something you should be able to relate to and interact with.


As a designer Sjoerd Geerts encourages the interaction between people, their surrounding space, and the objects within. He creates interactive experiences in the form of installations, and unique objects for both private and public spaces. His work arises from thorough research, and is shaped by a fluid, multidimensional way of thinking.

He creates self-initiated projects but also loves to collaborate or work on assignments. These different ways of working enrich each other and create new perspectives for clients, but also broadens the perspective of his creative process. Through close collaborations, with both his clients, retailers, material suppliers, and (often local) manufacturers, Sjoerd creates value and quality in his work that transcends his individual thinking.


The 'Fundamental Collection' is, as it says, a core collection. The individual pieces represent core values of the studio and show Sjoerds approach as a designer. The core values and therefore the work could be seen as fundamental particles from which his world is build.

The ambiguous thing is that, in particle physics, the fundamental particle is seen as a subatomic particle that is not composed of other particles. The fundament of Sjoerds work however is clearly composed of all the influences he has been exposed to in his life. The different collaborations, personal experiences, studies, but also influences from predecessors within the field of design and beyond. Influences which give an extra dimension to his work, and partly define the context of the world he works in and works towards.

On Show

  • Touchables

    A performative exhibition

    Hall 10-08, Sectie C

  • Conjunction Armchair

    presenting the Fundamental Collection

    Isola Design Gallery


Dutch Design Week
Eindhoven, NL
22–30 October 2022